Celebrate Your Body

Be Well Bodyworks :-) is a result-oriented massage studio located in Seattle, integrating injury-specific work into a holistic, nurturing massage.

The massage you will receive is a fusion of many modalities and techniques, designed to give you a unique experience tailored especially for you.

Integration and specificity are two principals that guide my work. I do not distinguish between treatment or wellness massage, medical or relaxation. Every massage is a holistic treatment session targeted to enhance your wellness and treat your body’s specific conditions.

Here at Be Well Bodyworks your body will be honored. Everyone should enjoy the benefits of massage: Male, female and everything in between in all shapes, ages and sizes. So celebrate your body and treat it well. Whether you are seeking relief from an injury, chronic pain or muscle tension; or whether you are looking to enhance your well-being; your therapeutic massage, designed specifically for you, will provide both.

Be Well :-)

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